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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Son, Brother, Grandchild, Newphew, Cousin, and Friend Julian Joshua Brett Benson. He was born at Kennedy Hospital in Stratford, New Jersey on April 8, 1988.

From the day of birth Julin brought joy to our family as a baby he was dedicated to the Lord at Parkside United Methodist Church on Oct. 13, 1988. He was then baptized at C.C.U. Missionary Baptist Church on Dec 1, 1996. For 21years Julian was fortunate enough to be surrounded by the same neighbors and friends in his home located in Sicklerville NJ.

 Julians first day care center was Chrisitian Play Care Center. His early childhood was spent in Winslow Twp. Elementary School where he began charming his teachers with his curly hair and beautiful smile. As a child Julian enjoyed riding his bike, playing video games and playing basketball with his friends. He was involved in many activities such as Boy Scouts, Soccer, Winslow Twp Basketball Assoc., Babes Church Choir and Camp Hallowasa a Christian Camp where he eventually became a camp counselor that was the start of his mentoring.

Julian attended Winslow Jr. and Sr. High School during those years is when he began to recognzie his gift to communicate. At the same time, he touched people's lives with his positive attitude and charismatic charm. Julian was very outgoing student he was involved in TV production, Good Morning Winslow as their sports anchor, Marching Band, and Renaissance Club. He was crowned  hisJr. year as homecoming King for 2005 and later during his Sr. year as Mr. Winslow 2006. After graduating from Winslow High School in 2006 his leadership skills took him to become a success at Morgan State University in Baltimore MD.

 Julian was a communication major with a concentration in Radio Broadcasting at Morgan State University. He was a member of many organizagtion at Morgan such as Student Goverment Associate Executive Board, Morgan Mile Male Leadership, Pre-College Program mentor, Fashion at Morgan and WMUR radio.  

Julian's professional journey began through Baltimore's own radio station 92Q where he worked with radio personalities of the "Big Phat Morning Show." He served as a Marketing Team Representative for the Atlantic Records and became the advertising face of the Downtown Locker Room. Julian interned for the Maryland Transit Administration in the Marketing department where he complied voiceovers for various radio advertisments. He was instrumental in helping develop MTA's marketing slogan, "Ride, Respect, Relax" and "If you see something, say something" public safety campaign.

In September 2011, Julian began a new venture when he launched "Where's Julian?" a video diary documenting his life travels.

On October 20, 2011, Julian was suddenly taken from us to serve with the Lord. We wait patiently until the day comes where we see him again.  














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Another year   / Kashka Turner (Bestfriend)
It feels like yesterday bro we was running around acting like kids lol now I'm at that time in my life were I've matured as a man raising my daughter and trying to build a strong foundation for her. I can't help but think how things would've been rig...  Continue >>
Julian your missing .   / Mom
Every day since I lost my son I wake up with the knowledge…someone is missing I go through my day and in the back of my mind I hear a whisper…someone is missing I sit down to dinner with my family and in the back of my mind I hear a whispe...  Continue >>
Hello  / Mom
Sweet reunion makes my heart long for heaven, there we won't have to capture memories in our minds , their we won't have to pray for the time to go slowly and the days to last long there our hello will never turn into goodbyes." Heaven will be foreve...  Continue >>
Mother's Day 2014   / Jennifer (Mom)
Julian . I went to church on Mother's Day didn't really want to but I did . It was crowded but found a seat next to a young man and when I sat down I noticed he had on a pair of fatigue pants like you wore and a grey hoodie like you wear. He held his...  Continue >>
Sending Love and Prayers..   / Pinky (Family Friend )
Ms. Jennifer: I have never met you, but please know you are in my prayers. I only hope to instill the same strong positive values and respect in to my daughter as you have done in your son. He was a great man and his memory will live on. Be...  Continue >>
HOLIDAY 2012/2013  / BRETT BENSON (DAD)    Read >>
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